Canon Photo Paper Sale: Buy 1, Get 9 Free Plus 50% Off Code

Canon has a sale on printer photo paper: Buy 1, Get 9 Free plus an additional 50% off your order with code P160601RR.

I just got 10 packs of 5×7 and 10 packs of 8.5×11 Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II for $17.95 total, a savings of over $200.

This is good for 4×6, 5×7, and 8.5×11.

via SlickDeals

       Saved Over $200 On My Order!

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You Keep Using That Word..

Then doesn’t that make them “majority” babies?

Minority Babies Outnumber White Babies

               If minority babies outnumber white babies, doesn’t that make them the “majority”?

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Crash Diet

Normal weight for my height should be 186.. looks like I’m 100lbs overweight. No wonder my knees and hips are always hurting.

Crash diet starts as soon as the donuts and ice cream and pie are gone.

Crash Diet Starts Monday
            Crash Diet Starts Monday

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